Building the Iron Man Records Rehearsal Space and Recording Studio

Iron Man Records
4 min readFeb 3, 2022

Iron Man Records provides a cultural outpost for Musicians, Writers, Performers and Travellers in the arts with a large purpose built Music Rehearsal Space and Recording Studio.

The Record label seeks to encourage residents and travellers in the arts to gather, record and present their cultural insights and experiences.

Located outside the Clean Air Zone, in Hockley, Birmingham, the rehearsal space and recording studio offers an Embassy for the Imagine Nation committed to inspiring and promoting Independent creativity.

“We had to pull down our old rehearsal space and recording studio in September 2020. The landlord had sold the building. In May 2021 we found a new place. We decided to build a new rehearsal space and recording studio. The video above documents the process. In September 2021 the Rehearsal Space and Recording Studio started taking bookings.”

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Music by Wub Wainwright. The track is called John Bayley and is taken from the Iron Man Records album Lights of The Lost. Listen to it in full here:

If you are interested in sharing the Rehearsal Space or making a booking for the Recording Studio get in touch

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