New Framework Recording Studios, Iron Man Records Office, and Rehearsal Space progress report

Iron Man Records
6 min readAug 13, 2021

“Whoever controls the internet servers, controls the intellectual record of humankind. And by controlling the intellectual record of humankind, you control our perceptions of who we are. When all music is digital, all independence will cease.”

The bulk of the construction work is now complete. Ahmed from Stirchley Carpets has put the carpet down, he completed the work in record time. He even finished in time to get to back for prayers. He did a first class job.

The control room has a really good vibe to it. From the window you can see infinity. Just like Hansa Studios in Berlin, the windows look out across the wall and the canal. You can see the heart of the city in the distance and the BT tower. The place feels like a good creative space already.

When finished, the office will be home to Simon Reeves and Framework Studios and will provide a workspace for Iron Man Records. The live room next door has got a good vibe too. The carpet had made all the difference.

Chris has put the covered door strips down to protect the edge of the carpet. The room has a bright space near the window with the old dance flooring, the rest of the room is carpetted. There’s still some cosmetic work to do on the wall between the control room and the live room but hopefully that will be finished up quite quickly.

I have moved all the musical equipment onto the carpetted area and the gear is ready to start setting up. We still have a mattress to place and the sound treatment boards can be moved around until be get the sound we want. The plan remains to put acoustic tiles across the ceiling but before we do that we need to get the music up and running so we can listen to how the room sounds so far.

Iron Man Records

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