Sheema Mukherjee and Simon Richmond — Karma

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2 min readAug 13, 2022

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Longtime collaborators and friends Sheema Mukherjee and Simon Richmond took a journey across India to explore local music and experience various approaches to wellbeing.

Along the way, they would collaborate with the desert-dwelling Manganiyar musicians from Rajasthan, the Pullavan Vena of the forest people of Kerala, classical vocalists and instrumentalists and a choir of schoolchildren among others.

Sounds of the vibrant outside world permeated everything, including the house in Kerala, which Sheema and Simon turned into a recording studio. Sitting in the diffused light of the shuttered room they played keyboards and sitar, and structured their ideas for the music and massage, ready to be developed when they got home. The vibrancy of the surrounding sounds, however loud and bustling or gentle and serene, formed part of the unique soundscape.

Writing and recording music in India with the people they met proved to be another study of opposites; an enriching collaboration of folk instruments and studio technology. When Sheema and Simon presented a musical workshop, the children were delighted to see traditional sitar used in combination with digital recording equipment.

Finding harmony and peace in chaos resonated.

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