The new Rehearsal Space and Recording Studio 2022

I want to invite you to become a Patron. Iron Man Records seeks to provide a cultural outpost for musicians, writers and travellers in the arts. An Embassy for the Imagine Nation, based in Hockley, Birmingham, committed to inspiring and promoting Independent creativity. The Record label seeks to encourage residents and travellers in the arts to gather, record and present their cultural insights and experiences. Iron Man Records wants to make all new record releases available on Vinyl.

The wreckage that was our Rehearsal Space and Recording Studio back in 2020

Iron Man Records relies on your support, and works hard to earn and keep your trust.

We won’t accept donations from Governments, Companies, local Councils, Arts Funding Organisations, Academic Institutions, Banks, Advertisers or any other interested commercial groups. Without support from people like you our work would stop. Individual contributions from Patrons and the money generated through my own work in music Tour Management keeps the record label going against the odds. Due to Coronavirus I haven’t been able to do any Tour Management work since March 12th 2020. So any additional support is critical at times like this.

People-power is what exerts pressure on popular culture. I’m asking you to add your support to Iron Man Records, helping to help the artists and musicians we work with. Your support means everything to the artists and creatives we support.

Tim and Gimpo helped build the new Rehearsal Space and Recording Studio 2021

“The support of Patrons means a lot to Iron Man Records, and to me personally. It’s over 23 years since I founded Iron Man Records in Birmingham, and I’m still humbled by the generosity, commitment and enthusiasm of those who share a hope for an alternative.”

“He who controls the present, controls the past” — George Orwell.

Whoever controls the internet servers, controls the intellectual record of humankind. And by controlling the intellectual record of humankind, you control our perceptions of who we are.

Iron Man Records

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